Why You Should Compost Your Food Waste

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Every environmentally conscious individual is looking for ways to reduce their footprint, even on a small scale. Composting is a cheap, effective, and green way to do your part as a conscious consumer. With every food purchase, you can make the informed decision to compost instead of throwing your food scraps in the garbage. Here are 2 main reasons why everyone should compost:

How to get rid of fruit flies with BinBreeze 

1) The environment will thank you 

Every time an organic or food scrap is put in the garbage and taken to the landfill, it decomposes without oxygen (anaerobically). This produces a greenhouse gas known as methane which is similar to carbon dioxide just a lot worse for our Earth. By keeping your scraps in an at-home compost bin and/or a city organics bin, you are doing your part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow the effects of climate change. Additionally, composted soil will contain many nutrients that substitute for fertilizers. Without the use of fertilizers, pollutants such as phosphates and nitrates cannot run off into water systems and cause eutrophication. Some environmental effects of eutrophication include excessive nutrients in the ocean leading to reduced water quality, and depletion of animal species below the sea. 

Make better soil using compost

2) Nutrient rich soil for your at-home garden  

On the topic of soil, composted soil will provide a home gardener with top quality soil at no extra charge. Composted soil will have improved structure meaning it will retain water better and have more air circulation. This also means less watering at home, which can also prove to be cost-effective especially in places where there are fines for irrigation practices. Composted soil will also provide greater crop yields and healthier crops because of its organic matter and will return nutrients to the ground to improve crop quality and fertility. All in all, your plants will love composted soil.

BinBreeze compost powder for fruit flies and odour

3) Introducing BinBreeze 

Now, with Victoria based BinBreeze, composting has become much easier. Often, the benefits of composting are outweighed by the smell and occurrence of pesky fruit flies. With all-natural compost powder from BinBreeze, fruit flies and odour are eliminated. BinBreeze’s powder encourages aerobic decomposition, the opposite of anaerobic which occurs at the dump, or in food waste waiting to arrive at composting facilities. This way, BinBreeze reduces the amount of methane produced earlier in the composting cycle and eliminates the awful smell with non-toxic scents. BinBreeze also kills fruit flies by dehydrating them and stopping additional larva from breeding. The powder contains fossilized algae that acts as a super absorbent agent and tackles your fruit fly problem.

The process of composting plays a huge role in returning food back to the ground to restart the organic cycle. Not only is composting environmentally friendly, but it also produces high quality soil for your spring garden. With such great benefits of composting, BinBreeze is here to help make the process easier and more accessible. No more odour and no more fruit flies. 

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