3 Easy steps with binbreeze

1) Sprinkle a thin layer of BinBreeze at the bottom to absorb extra moisture.

2) Layer fresh food waste and BinBreeze to ward off fruit flies and odours.

3) As more food waste builds up, sprinkle more BinBreeze to ensure best results.

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Sprinkle 1 or 2 tablespoons of BinBreeze at the base of your indoor compost bin. After adding fresh food waste, add an additional tablespoon on top. For best results, repeat consistently to create layers of food waste and BinBreeze. Add more of our natural composting powder to soak up wet waste materials.

BinBreeze was scientifically designed to encourage aerobic decomposition, the non-stinky kind! So as your food waste decomposes, BinBreeze is at work helping aerobic microorganisms thrive. For food waste that already stinks, by nature or because it’s decomposing, use extra BinBreeze to provide a nice, full layer in the bin. This will act as a natural filter allowing air into the compost, while providing indoor odour control and making it smell great instantly.

BinBreeze contains fossilized algae that are hyper-absorbent and soak in the waxy coatings of insects with exoskeletons, including fruit flies. Exposure to BinBreeze will cause the flies to lose this coating, rendering them unable to fly and slowly dehydrating them until they are composted alongside your food waste. By applying BinBreeze to your compost bin consistently, you ensure that any larva that has entered your home in your fruit don’t begin to grow, breed, invade the rest of your kitchen. After all, without BinBreeze, your compost bin is the perfect place to breed! 

Fruit flies are incredibly effective at reproducing in your countertop fruit bowl and on the smallest deposits of food waste around your kitchen. Food waste that is hard to reach for you, but easy for the fruit flies to get at, will exacerbate your problem severely. To ensure BinBreeze is effective at eliminating your fruit fly problem, you need to prevent those flies from reproducing elsewhere in the kitchen. You should thoroughly clean all around your appliances, cracks, and of course don't leave fresh fruit out! After this, use BinBreeze diligently and keep your fruit stored away for a few days. Voila, no more fruit flies!  

Yes, applying it to house plants is totally safe and will not harm your plants, we recommend that you apply a thin layer to the soil and to the spots on the plant showing the most damage from fruit flies.

Only insects with exoskeletons! The larger the insect, the longer it will take to dehydrate and die, so BinBreeze is particularly well suited dealing with fruit flies and other small insects. Large house flies for example can take anywhere between 3 to 30 hours to dehydrate depending on the temperature. 

BinBreeze is safe for worms. The ingredient in it that harms fruit flies, diatomaceous earth, does not harm earthworms. They probably would not do well in large amounts of BinBreeze but the typical amount used by customers would be just fine!

Yes! BinBreeze is made up of clean organic wood waste and naturally occurring minerals. There are no chemical pesticides in BinBreeze and it is safe for Organic composting! Our natural composting powder is also safe for animals including chickens, pigs, and your children. 

Consumers like to blame their neighbours or doors/window sealing for fruit fly problems, but while this does happen, it’s simply not the reason MOST people get fruit flies. The truth is, since 2011 and one unfortunate barge of fruit landing in California, a new species of fruit fly has infested North America, the Drosophila Suzukii. This species evolved in Southeast Asia on thick skinned fruits, and developed a ‘morphologically modified ovipositor’ or sawblade, that enabled it to pierce the skin of live fruit that is still in the process of ripening. It’s eggs deposited inside, can freely navigate that fruit after evolving into tiny larva that can freely navigate inside the fruit. This means it is impossible for quality control to catch fruits infested with fruit flies. We bring those fruits and fruit skins into our home and deposit them into our compost bin, the perfect place to breed! 

There are so many sustainable benefits of using our natural composting powder:


Sequestering Carbon: BinBreeze uses clean wood waste as a base in our formula. The wood waste is sourced from industrial operations that don’t want to have to burn it for disposal, creating harmful emissions. Few people realize that burning wood creates almost as much emissions into the atmosphere as burning coal per kilojoule of energy released. Per KG of wood waste that BinBreeze is able to upcycle, 70% will be sequestered back into the soil, the remaining 30% will be released as carbon dioxide from the natural aerobic decomposition process. Without this carbon, that bin would go anaerobic, creating even more harmful methane instead! 


Reducing Methane Emissions: Current composting operations will balance the carbon to nitrogen ratio of green waste once that waste has reached the facility and entered their composting operations. Unfortunately, the food waste wont wait until it arrives to decompose, and that means that while it sits in your kitchen, on your curb, and in transport, that waste is anaerobic, producing harmful methane, a potent greenhouse gas. By introducing consumers to adding carbon earlier through BinBreeze, we reduce the emissions of that waste prior to it arriving at the facility.  


Encouraging Use Of Compost Bins: Over the last decade composting has gone mainstream, and with it, there has been a lot of haters. Those who claim it is too SMELLY, too DISGUSTING, too WET and too much TIME - and as a result, they refuse to compost. Our natural composting powder is an odour neutralizer, and eliminates these excuses by making the bin smell lovely, soaking up moisture, killing fruit flies, and allowing you to empty it less often. For those who already use a compost bin, Thank you for making a sacrifice for sustainability. We hope BinBreeze makes it that much easier for you to do your part for the planet. 


Benefiting Local Composting Operations: In addition to increasing adoption and utilization rates, BinBreeze also benefits local composting operations by creating a more nutrient rich compost and speeding compost turnover by enabling aerobic decomposition earlier in the composting process. 

BinBreeze can be purchased here at www.binbreeze.ca or at any of our wonderful retailers. On our ‘Where to Find’ page, you can input your postal code and search for a retailer near you. If we don’t have your neighbourhood grocery, please request us in store or purchase online. 

Yes! Many customers have let us know that BinBreeze has been great for composting toilets on their boats, in RVs and at the campground.

Absolutely! If you are experiencing issues with smell, fruit fly infestations, or moisture collecting in your garbage bin BinBreeze will fix those issues just as well as it does with compost.

Absolutely! BinBreeze is great for soaking up all kinds of organic spills that you might want to compost. Alternatively, it will soak up pretty much anything liquid. It’s your business.

BinBreeze is made from a combination of specialty minerals, fossilized algae, and clean wood waste. Our patent-pending formula was scientifically designed to enrich the resulting compost for local composting facilities or home composters.

Over the years ‘Organic’ has come to be known as ‘pesticide-free’ and in this sense, yes, BinBreeze is ‘Organic.’ Due to provincial regulations that require a product to be intended for human consumption in order to be labelled Organic, we are unable to use this word on our packaging. You can’t eat BinBreeze, but you CAN use BinBreeze to make organic compost!