Made in CA Names BinBreeze Among The Top Canadian Owned and Operated Companies

Posted by Isaac La Roy on

BinBreeze is thrilled to announce we have been selected to be a part of the Made in CA magazine!

We are proud to say that BinBreeze was selected because of our commitment to being Canadian owned and operated, while also sourcing all of our products from Canada. 

Made in CA is an online publication that helps promote Canadian businesses and puts them in front of Canadian consumers. They primarily focus on Canadian businesses who show positive signs of growth, innovation, management and excel in areas which have a beneficial impact on society. 

They feature the most successful companies in Canada, with lists featuring companies who are pushing the limits to provide Canadian consumers with the best products. 

Made in CA aims to accelerate the growth of the foremost Canadian-based companies, businesses and innovations by promoting them to consumers across Canada. This year BinBreeze made this list for our work in the composting and circular economy industry. 

BinBreeze sources all of our ingredients for our product from British Columbia, not far from where we manufacture the product in Abbotsford, BC. We are committed to delivering on our promise to be Canadian owned and operated, and this is one fact that will never change. Pleased and humbled by this latest recognition BinBreeze is ready and eager to deliver our product across Canada, and around the world.

Please read the full feature article here

Why is it so important to support Canadian businesses, and why are we so proud to be recognized by Made in Canada?

Many companies across Canada have slowly moved their production and product sourcing away from Canada. In turn, this hurts the Canadian economy and removes vital jobs that Canadians could work. Companies do this to save money, but it hurts the economy of our own country. That is why it is so incredibly important to support those companies who are committing to continuing their operations 100% within Canada, in turn supporting the Canadian economy. Even Tim Hortons, the quintessential Canadian business, is owned by an American company. That means when you purchase a doughnut and a double-double, your money is going to the USA, not Canada. 

Further, it is super important to support local businesses because they contribute far less to carbon and fossil fuel emissions than those companies that ship their products to us from across the ocean. By supporting Canadian owned companies, you are reducing your impact on the environment, and contributing to a healthy Canadian economy that you can feel good about. That is why BinBreeze is proud to be Canadian owned and operated. We always have, and always will be, Canadian.

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