Composting Tips & Tricks

Posted by Taylor McCarten on

No matter how many years you have been composting we are all looking for tips and tricks to get better results.

Below you will find 5 secrets for composters new and old:

  1. Grab a pallet bin: Often you can find them for free on Craigslist or Facebook and putting them below your compost will allow for valuable oxygen flow to circulate your compost This will help the compost microbes to grow quicker and consume waste faster. 

  1. Worms love your coffee grounds: If you want worms to help create nutrient rich soil the best way to attract them is to layer your morning coffee grounds on top of your compost. This became such a popular method that Cornell University did a study and backed what gardeners already knew: coffee grounds and worms are the perfect pairing. 

  1. Grass clippings are a useful tool: The grass clippings you gather after you mow your lawn can provide a nitrogen boost to your compost. Just be conscious of that brown to green ratio because too much can slow down the decomposition process and compact your compost pile. 

  1. If you want to add ashes, know where they came from: Fireplace ashes are okay for your compost, but experts recommend to avoid adding your barbeque ashes. On top of that, be careful not to add too much as ashes are alkaline and can drastically affect the pH in your compost. 

  1. Newspapers are compostable: Whether you knew this or not, newspapers ARE compostable. One tip is that shredding them before adding them to your compost will speed up the process. They can also help reduce the smell by soaking up moisture resulting in a dryer compost pile.

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