4 Easy At-Home Composting Methods & Systems

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Turning your compost into nutrient-rich soil can be achieved in several ways. Your preferred method will ultimately come down to how long you want to wait, how much effort you are willing to put in and how much you want to spend?

Here are 4 easy at-home composting methods and systems:

1. Piling Compost


Up there with the easiest and most cost-effective way to compost is piling compost. Once you have created a compost pile all you have to do is turn it every 2 to 4 weeks and you’re done! It may not be the prettiest way to compost, but for your average homeowner, this is always a popular option. 

2. Tumbler Compost


A tumbler works when the homeowner is willing to turn the cylinder containing the compost.  If you add soil to your tumbler along with your compost it can break down the ingredients faster and as a result, your compost can be ready in as little as three weeks. It is recommended you turn the compost twice a day if you want to speed up the process. There is an upfront cost of purchasing a tumbler, but if you are an avid composer then the cost is worth it. Tumbler composts require little effort to produce your desired result. 

Trench Composting


Trench composting, also known as the "lazy" method to composting, are for those who do not want to think about their compost every other day.

It’s just a three-step process:

1. dig a hole

2. fill it up with compost

3. Cover it up with excess dirt.

Pro tip: avoid putting large materials inside the compost trench. Smaller the pieces = sooner you can start using your compostable soil.  

Cold composting

Cold composting, also known as worm composting, is a time-consuming method that can take up to six months but requires minimal effort. By utilizing worms and other bugs it can break down the compost into rich soil for homeowners. The only work required is to add worms to your compost and wait: it's as easy as that!

Each of these composting methods are highly effective, so ultimately, it will come down to personal preferences.  

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