BinBreeze: The all-in-one product eliminating compost odours

Victoria start-up offers an environmentally friendly and sustainable product that eliminates fruit flies and the stench that comes with composting.

Edmonton, AB, August 12, 2021 - As the city of Edmonton rolls out its new waste cart program, Edmontonians are finding themselves dealing with new smells and more trips to the bin. BinBreeze is making composting pain-free by taking the stinky dripping bag out of the equation while emptying the bin less often.


BinBreeze is the world’s first organic indoor compost deodorant powder that instantly rejuvenates your bin, absorbing the moisture and the lingering stench, all while retaining the nutrients for healthy soil. The clean-tech mineral & wood waste powder solves the root of your problem by creating a filter to treat the anaerobic decomposition odours to an aerobic (the non-stinky) decomposition. 


 “Our mission is to make composting easier, increase the number of people who compost, and divert food waste from the landfill putting it back into a sustainable cycle that benefits people and the planet,” says co-founder Taylor McCarten.


BinBreeze is multi-purposed from freshening your bin to killing fruit flies. Better yet, the mixture traps fruit flies and dehydrates them until they decompose in the compost. Pesky fruit-flies are attracted to food waste that when they come in contact with the composting powder, they lose their protective coating causing them to dehydrate and decompose in your bin. 


 It’s an all natural way to eliminate odours and fruit flies from composting, and even enriches the soil that benefits farming and food production. It’s the first and only upcycled, carbon-sequestering, methane-reducing,  non-toxic product of its kind, all invented by a 30-year-old who wants to Build A Better Earth the world.