BinBreeze Solves Odour and Fruit Fly Issue on International Space Station


VICTORIA, BC, April 1, 2022 - Today BinBreeze, the Universe’s first provider of all-natural and non-toxic composting powder, is pleased to announce that it has developed a solution for the elimination of odour and fruit fly infestations on the International Space Station (ISS). 


NASA has recently revealed that astronauts on the ISS have taken to venting valuable oxygen to clear the station of fruit flies and the overwhelming smell from their compost waste on a regular basis. "This is obviously not a long term viable solution," said Illbed Amned, Jet Production Laboratories Director of Operations at ISS, when referencing the issue during a recent interview, “the cold and vacuum is only slightly more comfortable than living with fruit flies." Amned referred to the solution as a "breath of fresh air" and praised the product for its unique solution. 


"When I was speaking to investors earlier this year and said we were taking this to the stratosphere, I had no idea how close I was going to be," said Taylor McCarten, CEO and Co-Founder of BinBreeze. 


"I honestly didn't know how we were going to solve the problem of dispensing the product in zero gravity," explained Harmen Ziljstra, Chief Technology Office at BinBreeze. "It wasn't until we realized that we could just leave it in the bottom of the compost bin and it would spread itself that we knew this stuff will work anywhere!" 


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