Eucalyptus BinBreeze 450g Pouch

Eucalyptus BinBreeze 450g Pouch

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The BinBreeze community voted Eucalyptus to be our next scent for BinBreeze Compost Powder! BinBreeze will dehydrate and compost fruit flies, instantly eliminate food waste odour and soak up moisture to prevent rot in your compost bin.

Just layer composting powder over and under any fresh food waste in your compost bin to:

• Instantly deodorize food waste
• Prevent and eliminate fruit fly infestations (hint: the source is fruit waste) 
• Soak up moisture and slow rot and mold growth

This variety pack features Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Unscented.

• All-natural, non-toxic formula!
• One pouch can last over one month! 
• Satisfaction guaranteed!

Ingredients: clean organic wood waste, food-grade diatomaceous earth, food-grade zeolite minerals, essential oils blend. 


BinBreeze is now available in 450g 100% recyclable pouches! For each one of these pouches sold, BinBreeze donates to have two pouches of the same size and material recycled through Repurpose Global. Thanks for ordering BinBreeze and please recycle!